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Aug 13, 2020

#2 – Unicorns and an Interview with a Polyam Friendly Therapist

Are you down with the OPP?

In this episode: We talk about unicorns and have an interview with Sarah who is a polyam, LGBT+, and kink friendly therapist.

Main topic

  • Definition
  • What's the issue around seeking a third?
  • You can have an ethical triad
  • How to do it wrong?
  • But, we have a lot of love to give
  • Our experiences in triads
  • Why are unicorns wanted when you first open a relationship?
  • Are you down with the OPP?
  • Are you using the right terms for the ENM you want to have?
  • Can you feel the same about two different people?
  • Can you be equal in a relationship?


  • Who is Sarah?
  • When should you see a therapist?
  • Coming out
  • Polyam helps you with risk assessment
  • Recommendations around vague rules

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